1. Chicago Museum Campus

  2. Rainy day in Chicago

  3. Chicago

  4. Chicago, IL


  5. Hey followers! I have a new blog, I’ll still be using tumblr to post my pictures, but check out this blog for more detailed posts and DIYs. You will definitely want to check out my blog for can’t miss posts when I go abroad to Europe this fall.

  6. Brazil Throwback! At an agricultural school in Colinas do Tocantins


  7. Just a Thought…

    Dancing with the stars has gotten to the point where I can’t tell who is the star and who is the dancer… not because the stars’ dancing has gotten better but because the stars have gotten more irrelevant. #whyamiwatchingthis #ihateearlyspringfinales #there’snothingontv

  8. 7 mile beach in Negril, Jamaica.

  9. I think its like a 50ft jump over Rick’s Café Cliff in Jamaica… and he dives!

  10. Chicken and Waffles @ Rick’s Café in Jamaica